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Image of Nordic Ware Tea Cake Pan, baking pans and stones

Nordic Ware Tea Cake Pan, baking pans and stones

Delight guests with chocolate candies or tea cakes in miniature versions of Bundt shapes.

Image of Nordicware Sizzling Steak Server, Silver

Nordicware Sizzling Steak Server, Silver

If you often cook for a crowd, you need the Sizzling Steak Server from Nordic Ware. Simply place the stainless steel serving tray onto the grill or in the oven for a few minutes to gather heat, then pop it back into the included insulated tray. Any food...

Image of Nordicware Meatball Griller, Silver

Nordicware Meatball Griller, Silver

Making delicious, flavorful meatballs is simple with the Meatball Griller from Nordic Ware. Never again worry about your delicate meatballs losing their shape while cooking. This meatball cooking tray is specially designed with twelve rounded compartments...

Image of Nordicware Grill Topper, Silver

Nordicware Grill Topper, Silver

Keep delicate foods safe with the Grill Topper from Nordic Ware. The small, circular air holes on the removable grill surface let the heat circulate so your food cooks evenly, without falling through the standard grill slats. The barbecue griddle sheet...

Image of Nordicware Potato Baker, Silver

Nordicware Potato Baker, Silver

Serving up delicious baked potatoes is a breeze with the Potato Baker from Nordic Ware. This uniquely shaped potato baking tray can hold four large potatoes so you can feed the whole family. Held up by prongs, each potato will cook evenly and crisp up...

Image of Nordicware Grill 'N Shake Basket, Silver

Nordicware Grill 'N Shake Basket, Silver

The Grill 'N Shake Basket from Nordic Ware is a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors. The only way to get that authentic smoky flavor is with a grill or barbecue, but many foods cannot be placed directly on the grilling surface without falling...

Image of "Nordicware large pizza pan, 12"", Silver"

"Nordicware large pizza pan, 12"", Silver"

Pizza is always delicious, but the Large Pizza Pan from Nordic Ware makes it even better. This 12-inch pizza pan comfortably fits 10-inch pizzas. It can be used to cook handcrafted pizzas on the grill or in the oven, or even to make frozen pizzas taste...

Image of Nordic Ware 3pc Metal Baking Set

Nordic Ware 3pc Metal Baking Set

A cookie baker’s essential combo: Naturals Half Sheet, a woven fabric Deluxe Silicone nonstick mat and a nonstick coated metal Large Cooling Rack. All sized to fit together! Color: MultiColored.

Image of Nordic Ware Krumkake Iron

Nordic Ware Krumkake Iron

Make all of your favorite goodies with the help of this Krumkake Iron from Nordic Ware. This round krumkake iron will give you perfectly made waffle cookies every time. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you're baking for a house full of guests, you'll...

Image of Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Pan, Silver

Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Pan, Silver

Making oven-baked bacon is a breeze with this oven bacon pan from Nordic Wave Grease. It's built to drain the grease away and circulate hot air underneath, so there's no need for turning. Get flat, evenly-cooked bacon at home without making a mess. Great...

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